Hidden Canyon Kayak now offers convenient online booking for our tours to Anelope Canyon, Lone Rock Canyon, and tours to Lake Powells beautiful Slot Canyons.

Antelope Canyon Tour
Lake Powell Antelope Canyon Kayak Tour
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Antelope Canyon is one of the most infamous canyons on Lake Powell and is our premier half day tour. You will spend 3 hours over the course of 4-6 miles (6.4-9.6 kilometers) with your tour guide exploring the breathtaking beauty that Antelope Canyon offers and learn a wide range of information about Lake Powell and its surrounding areas. This portion of the canyon is the lowest and northernmost piece of this magical canyon that is flooded by the waters of Lake Powell which allows us the opportunity to experience its grandeur by kayak. By joining one of our Antelope Canyon kayak tours, you will surely create a highlight for your vacation that you will never forget!
Lone Rock Canyon Tour
Lake Powell Lone Rock Canyon Kayak Tour
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Our Lone Rock Canyon half day tour is a great way to enjoy the amazing varied geologic landscape of the most southwest portion of Lake Powell. On this tour, you will spend 3 hours with your guide exploring and learning all about this gem of the Southwest. This kayak tour offers a great opportunity for expansive views, awe-inspiring hiking and some of Lake Powell’s best swimming (during the warm months). We would love for you to join us and help to make your Lake Powell experience unforgettable!
Slot Canyon Tour
Lake Powell Slot Canyon Labyrinth Kayak Tour
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Hidden Canyon Kayak is the premier company at Lake Powell for exploring some of the best slot canyons that the Southwest has to offer. On our exclusive Slot Canyon tour, you will spend 7 hours with your guide boating, kayaking, hiking, swimming and eating lunch in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. We will start the day on our support vessel that will take us away from civilization and into the remote reaches of Lake Powell to either Labyrinth Canyon or Face Canyon. We will then anchor the boat, ready the kayaks and gear and paddle deeper into one of the narrowing canyons. When we reach the end of the water, we will then hike even deeper into a truly mesmerizing slot canyon and create an experience that you won’t soon forget! We will then make our way back to the boat where your guide will provide you with a full lunch and prepare to head back to the marina. Come enjoy the experience of a lifetime with Hidden Canyon Kayak’s Slot Canyon Tour!
Overnight Kayak Tour
Lake Powell Overnight Kayak Tour
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What would make your Lake Powell vacation even better than a day out on the water? How about a night out under billions of stars on the serene beaches of the lake complete with all camping gear, water, kayaks, and an expert guide to show you many wonders of Lake Powell and prepare full meals throughout the duration of your trip. On the tour, you will kayak 2-3 different canyons, have the opportunity to hike the beautifully undulated landscape in the area, and relax on a beautiful beach while having your meals prepared for you. Our overnight tour is unlike anyone else’s tours around the lake and will be sure to provide you with plenty of smiles and memories along the way.
3-Day Kayak Tour
Lake Powell Padre Canyon 3-day Kayak Tour
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Our three day tour is much like our overnight, but with a little more adventure added in. This tour is great for anyone who would like to explore the incredible wonders of the Padre Bay area of Lake Powell. The three day tour is a great in between tour for people who feel that two days isn’t quite enough, but five days may be too much or just may not fit into your trip itinerary. You will have the opportunity to paddle 3-5 canyons, hike the endless sandstone landscape around the lake, have all of your meals prepared for you by our expert guides and relax on a beach in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Please call or email us for more information on this trip.
5-Day Kayak Tour
Lake Powell Rainbow Bridge Canyon 5-day Kayak Tour
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Our Rainbow Canyons excursion offers astonishing narrow slot canyons from Wetherill, Anasazi, Cathedral Canyons and more. Standing at 10,388 feet above elevation, Navajo Mountain creates the perfect backdrop for exploring the many winding sandstone canyons on this section of Lake Powell. With a visit to Rainbow Bridge National Monument we will view the world’s largest natural bridge in all its glory. All meals, kayaks, drinking water and camping gear are provided for this unforgettable adventure. Please call or email us for more information on this tour.