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Multi-Day Kayak Trips

2015/10/19 to 10/23 Multi-Day

Our last Five Day Rainbow Bridge Kayak Trip of the season didn’t disappoint with great people and cooler weather. Taking the safe route of not hiking a slot canyon in the rain we enjoyed numerous waterfalls pouring off the high sandstone cliffs as we kayaked by in awe.

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2015/9/28 to 10/2 Multi-Day

Better known as the Bernal’s Five Day Bash, this group is full of long time Hidden Canyon Kayakers comprising of three generations. Our weather was warm and the water was still amazing for swimming. Motorboat traffic is always considerably less the later in the season and makes for quiet nights under the Milky Way.

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2015/9/14 to 9/16 Multi-Day

Rain, Rainbows and Rainbow Bridge. With a mixed group of return and first time “Lake Powellers” we set camp at the mouth of Face Canyon. Paddling into Face Canyon under sunny conditions quickly changed into an afternoon monsoon that had us back to to be met by a full rainbow.

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